Local Chapters Host 4 Great Regional Conferences

Every fall semester since 2013, local Triangle Fraternity chapters have volunteered to host a local Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) with the goal of bringing educational programming taught at Herbert Scobie Leadership School and Leadership & Training Weekend to their own back yards.

This past Fall, Triangle’s UNC Charlotte, Cal Poly Pomona, MSOE, and Michigan Chapter’s volunteered and hosted a RLC.  Between the four chapters over 200 active undergraduates and alumni attended over 45 educational sessions tailored to address the needs of the local organizations and surrounding chapters.  Educational sessions covered a wide range of topics from dressing for success to wine tasting.

Triangle would like to thank panelists Al Ver ar65, Gordon Morton mich63, Goran Stojkovich il86, Mark Tolliver ill70, Dr. Edward Chandler uwm75, Dr. John A. Zachar Jr. uwm69, Jack Reichl pur80, George Minnich ps76 for sharing their words of wisdom during the Distinguished Alumni Panels.  We could also like to thank the local chapters for organizing four outstanding events.

Interested in hosting a Regional Leadership Conference for the Fall 2015 academic semester?  Applications to host a conference will appear on www.triangle.org in March 2015.

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