2017 Founders’ Day Message

Greetings.  This is Triangle’s 110th anniversary.  My journey as a brother started fifty years ago this May in the basement of the Purdue house.  Don Knebel pur65, the incoming Chairman of the Triangle Education Foundation, was the installation team leader.  In three short months, I will complete my third term as your National President.  It’s been a great journey.  I’ve met hundreds of brothers; many have become lifelong friends.  I’ve attended numerous Triangle and interfraternal meetings and visited many of our chapters.  I continue to be impressed by the caliber of the men who choose to join our fraternity.

The brothers from my era at Rose gather regularly for reunions.  So far, we’ve gone to Santa Fe NM, Estes Park CO, Washington DC, and Dearborn MI.  Our next gathering is in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rose Chapter.  When we get together for a weekend of fun with our wives, it’s as if we never left the chapter house.  Our friendships and brotherhood are as strong as when we were at Rose in the chapter.

Every day our members change the world.  Because of our unique membership, we have more inventors than any other fraternity.  Many of those inventions have an impact on our daily lives.  Many others have started their own companies.  Some work as engineers, others have moved into business or other roles. Equally important are the brothers who serve as Little League coaches or Boy Scout leaders or perform community service in numerous ways.  They are daily living our values. 

The world has changed drastically in 110 years.  But the values on which the fraternity was founded have stood the test of time and are unchanged.  They guide us every day and are expressed in our Code of Ethics.  Today we recognize and give thanks for the 16 men who founded Triangle.  We also celebrate the men who started each of our chapters.

Our fraternity has never been stronger or larger.  With 41 groups, we have truly grown to be a nationwide fraternity.  We have a new Executive Director, Tom Pennington, who brings us great insights and leadership.  We are halfway through our five-year plan to “Build a cohesive organization of fifty high performing chapters composed of brothers for life who daily live the values of Triangle.”  Once again, I encourage you to join with me by daily living the values of Triangle and being a better man in your chapter, on your campus, with your family, and in your community.  Help us build a better world.

 In F, S, C and T,

Randy Drew

National President

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