The Journey is NOW LIVE!

Triangle’s 4-year member development gaming experience, The Journey is now live.  The Journey, or a passage or progress from one stage to another is what will guide Triangle members throughout their membership experience as they try to achieve new milestones in their personal, professional, and social development.

The Journey will be comprised of four levels. In each level, members will be able to self-select activities that expose them to new ideas, prepare them for important life lessons, and challenge them to put the lessons into practice.  As members reach the next level they will be provided with more challenging and rewarding experiences rooted in the values and Ritual of Triangle. Level 1 will focus on brotherhood and solidarity. Level 2 emphasizes personal management and cohesion, level 3 integrity and influence. And level 4 concentrates on authenticity and veracity.

For more information on how to play, you can either visit the Journey page or view this quick how-to video.

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