Triangle Certificate of Appreciation

The Triangle Certificate of Appreciation is presented in appreciation of services rendered to the National Organization of Triangle. At the discretion of National Council, this award may be given:

  • To a non-member upon the completion of satisfactory service as a Triangle staff member, event speaker, or other position serving Triangle.
  • To a Triangle chapter or association or other organization that has performed significant services to the National Organization of Triangle.
  • To a Triangle member who has made a significant contribution to the National Organization of Triangle, but who is not considered eligible for a Certificate of Service.

Award Recipients


Kent T. Hoffman ar07
Service as an Educational Leadership Consultant and Director of Communications & Brand Standards.

Brandon Montalvo marq10
Service as an Educational Leadership Consultant.


Timothy L. Eiler minn87, Andrew J. Severance wis05, A.J. Sylvain ar06
Service during the 2008 Leadership School.


Bradley N. Keller neb69
Co-author of the History of Triangle.

Frank Caplan, Jr. cor42, Charles L. Hett ks64, Robert J. Mosborg ill45, Merle Newlon III lou73, Eugene J. Rezabeck ar47, Jeffrey P. Scott wis87, Richard H. Sudheimer minn52
Members of Men of the Century Committee.


Timothy L. Eiler minn87
Longstanding production of the Exponent electronic newsletter.

Scott Bova, Randall E. Drew rose67, David A. Fleischhacker minn95, Robert G. Halgren mich05, Kevin P. Robertson marq92
Members of Executive Director Search Committee.


Dr. Bruce Walcott
Furtherance of Triangle’s expansion goals by assisting the Kentucky expansion effort.


Daniel J. Guido uwm96
Service on Headquarters staff as Educational Leadership Consultant.


Elizabeth Eiler
Extensive work organizing the artifacts in the Triangle Museum.