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Area Alumni Facebook Pages

Looking to connect with Triangle Alumni in your area?  Join a Triangle alumni Facebook page.  To learn more and view all Facebook pages, click here.


Develop & Strengthen Your Alumni Advisory Boards

All of Triangle Fraternity’s successful undergraduate chapters have one common trait: a strong, engaged, alumni board.  With the guidance of engaged alumni, undergraduate chapters always have a group of brothers they can turn to for support. Advisory boards also allow alumni to network with one another, host social and chapter events, and remain connected to Triangle on a personal, chapter, and national level.  To learn more about the advisory board model click here.


Learn more about Voluntary National Alumni Dues

Have you received a letter in the mail about VNADs and wondered what is was about or where the donations go?  Click here to learn more.

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Tour de Triangle is a cross-country traveling social event that gives Triangle alumni an update about the exciting things going on in their Fraternity, provides opportunities for those interested in increased participation, and allows alumni to network and renew friendships.  To see if a Tour de Triangle is coming to your area, click here.  Interested in hosting a Tour de Triangle?  Contact Director of Alumni Services Mike Fouts at or call Triangle Headquarters at (317) 837-9640.

Monthly Gatherings

One of the best ways to begin generating alumni engagement in any area is to establish a monthly area get together, below are some important bullet points to consider as you think about initiating this concept.  Click here to view best practices . . . .

General Event Planning

Planning an alumni event?  Looking to host a reunion, alumni call out, board meeting, golf outing, fundraising, or increase alumni activity for you local chapter?  Contact Director of Alumni Services Mike Fouts at or call Triangle Headquarters at (317) 837-9640 for assistance.


The Triangle Fraternity National Alumni Advisory Group was created for the exchange of information and sharing of best practices among Triangle Fraternity alumni. Every month alumni convene for a quarterly call to speak with Triangle alumni nationally, get the latest news from Triangle Fraternity, the Triangle Education Foundation, and Triangle Building and Loan fund, and exchange knowledge and opportunities.  For more information on the National Alumni Advisory Group contact Triangle HQ or join the facebook group.



Triangle Fraternity is committed to the health and safety of its membership and the college community. Visit the Health and Safety page to view Triangle’s Risk Management resources, involvement in the Fraternity Health & Safety Initiative, links to James R. Favor & Co. resources, and more.

View all Fraternity Health & Safety Resources



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 Triangle REVIEW

Since 1911 the Triangle Review has served as the fraternity’s official magazine. To view all issues click here.






Enter the Graphics Library to view and download official Triangle graphics and view Brand Standards guides.

 Job Board

Searching for employment or would like to post a job opportunity?  Enter the Triangle Job Board to view postings and review resumes.