Event Planning

Monthly Alumni Gatherings


One of the best ways to begin generating alumni engagement in any area is to establish a monthly area get together, below are some important bullet points to consider as you think about initiating this concept.  Don’t forget, you may also use the Area Alumni Facebook pages to advertise your event.

  • Every month, no matter what, someone needs to attend to act as an informal host, so creating a group of 2 – 3 brothers who are willing to take turns is essential
  • Decide whether a lunch, dinner or happy hour is right for your area/group
  • Pick a recurring date using the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th day of the month, I.E. the 3rd Wednesday of every month, this is easier to remember/calendar.
  • Pick a location that is conducive to the events success, free/easy parking, free private or semi-private space, friendly management willing to accommodate you regardless of turnout.
  • If you live in an especially large metropolitan area, consider rotating the event around the area or establishing similar events in different areas hosted by brothers who live in those areas with one area-wide event once or twice a year.
  • Commit to the event for a minimum of 3 – 5 years, it will take that long to really know if the idea will work
  • Have zero expectations for turnout, there will be months you will be sitting there alone
  • Do not require any RSVP, these events are low pressure and for benevolent engagement, brotherly fellowship and networking, NO AGENDAS or PROGRAMS!
  • Build an email list (the national office can get you started)
  • Have fun

Additional Events

Planning an alumni event?  Looking to host a reunion, alumni call out, board meeting, golf outing, fundraising, or increase alumni activity for you local chapter?  Contact Director of Alumni Services Mike Fouts at mikef@triangle.org or call Triangle Headquarters at (317) 837-9640 for assistance.