Alumni Facebook Pages

Looking to connect with Triangle Alumni in your area?  Join a Triangle alumni Facebook page.

New regional alumni group Facebook pages have been created to aid Triangle brothers looking to connect with local area alumni and help alumni boards spread announcements.  These are great forums to make large scale announcements about upcoming events, Founder’s Day celebration, initiations, alumni call outs, and much more.

These Facebook groups are member run and will not serve as a forum for Triangle HQ to spread fraternity news.  All official Triangle Fraternity news can be found within the Triangle Fraternity Facebook page, via email communications, and posted on  The area alumni Facebook groups are to be utilized by area alumni in anyway they see fit.

Alumni can join as many Facebook pages as they see fit.  For example, if you live in Chicago and want to connect with area alumni throughout Chicagoland but wish to keep tabs on your home chapter, you may join conversations in both groups.

All area alumni Facebook pages are listed below.  Click the name or icon to visit each page.