What are Voluntary National Alumni Dues?

Each year Triangle sends its annual request for Voluntary National Alumni Dues or VNADs.  VNADs are direct donations to Triangle Fraternity and supports the fraternity’s efforts in expansion, regional conferences, and general fraternity operations.

Triangle alumni have been strong supporters of their Fraternity by quickly responding to our dues notices. Your support is important to us.  Each year your VNAD payment allows us to continue to provide resources and benefits to our members.  More specifically, VNAD’s will allow us to:

  • Continue to provide regular issues of the award winning Triangle REVIEW
  • Keep dues low for our undergraduate brothers to help with the rising costs of college
  • Make Triangle stronger by returning to campuses we are no longer at and expanding to campuses where we have never been
  • Conduct high-quality leadership training including Regional Leadership Conferences in locations across the country for Triangle undergraduates and alumni with national programming in their own back yard

Triangle Fraternity thanks the many alumni who make financial gifts to the fraternity.  With your support the fraternity has reached new heights in membership and leadership development and we have been able to expand our digital resources to strengthen communication with our brothers.  We ask for your continued support to ensure the stability and growth of the organization.

Would you like to donate Voluntary National Alumni Dues? Click the donation tab above.