Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech)

Founded: 19742000px-VT_logo.svg
Installed: April 19, 1980
(Currently Re-Colonizing)

In the mid-1970s Triangle Fraternity undertook an aggressive expansion plan across the country. The Virginia Polytechnic Institute was first started by Bill Krack, Triangle Fraternity’s Field Director. By late 1974 the colony had grown in size and new members were initiated into Triangle at the Penn State Chapter. After the chapter charter in 1980 the group continued to grow and even purchased a chapter house off campus. However, even after the chapter house purchase, the organization began to decline in numbers. In 1996 National Council suspended the VPI Chapter as the active organization had become too small to be viable. In the Fall of 2015 Triangle Fraternity and Education & Leadership Consultant Brandon Montalvo returned to the Virginia Tech campus to re-start the dormant chapter and bring Triangle Fraternity back to Blacksberg, VA.