Founded: Fall 1906Illinois
Installed: April 15, 1907 – Triangle Fraternity’s Founders Day

112 E. Daniel Street
Champaign, IL 61820

Phone: (217) 384-7404

April 15 is historic in the annals of Triangle Fraternity, the annual Founders Day.  On that date in 1907, the band of 16 students constituting the Founders obtained incorporation papers from the State of Illinois.  Before the incorporation papers could be applied for, however, there had to be some kind of organization.  The Founders, all junior civil engineering students at the University of Illinois, had known each other since their freshmen year.  In the fall of 1906 four students – Stan Culter, Milton McCoy, Meryl Morgan, and Emil Weber – started discussions about establishing a Civil Engineering club.  As the group developed and added members over the next few months they decided to become a fraternity.  Over one hundred years later, thanks to the valiant efforts of the 16 original Illinois Chapter brothers, Triangle Fraternity has grown from a small local group into a National Fraternity.