Iowa State

Founded: Spring 1963
Installed: April 25, 1964
(Currently Re-Colonizing)


In the spring of 1963 Triangle Fraternity was introduced to 47 interested Iowa State students at local smoker event on the Iowa State campus.  As the year progressed the new group of interested men continued to grow on campus and eventually purchased a house on campus in January 1964.  Only a few months later, afer establishing a strong presence on campus and continuing to grow in numbers, the Iowa State group was installed as the Iowa State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity in the Spring of 1964.  The chapter continued to flourish until the late 2000s when chapter began to decline in size and struggle.  At the request of the chapter alumni board the chapter was temporarily suspended until the Spring of 2013.  On September 13, 2013 Triangle Fraternity officially returned to Iowa State with help of generous alumni support and the pinning of 23 re-founding fathers.