Founded: 1924
Installed: February 21, 1925
Re-Installed: National Convention, August 1975  |  January 27, 2007

1501 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Website: http://www.umichtriangle.com/

Founded as a club in 1924, the Michigan Chapter was chartered in 1925 with twenty one charter members: James E. Bamborough, Ludlow F. Beach, L. Trent Bishop, Yerne Blakeman, Gareth O. Clark, Sidney Deboer, Leslie A. French Jr., Edward D. Guernsey, Ralph R. Graichen, Henry G. Groves, Clifton T. Hilderly, Marion S. Hodgson, Kennth J. MacIver, Howard E. McArther, Howard U. McClelland, Clyde L. Palmer, Richard S. Potts, Herschel F. Powell, Ernest W. Schouten, Murray M. Smith, and Jerome F. Walker.  The Michigan Chapter prospered for many years until the early 1970s when the chapter began to dwindle in numbers.  The chapter was briefly suspended until its re-installation in 1975 and was suspended again in 1995.  After their second re-chartering in 2007 the Michigan chapter has been among Triangle’s top chapters in performance, National involvement, and size.