Missouri Mines

Founded: 1902
Installed: December 10, 1927

807 State Street
Rolla, MO 65401

Website: http://web.mst.edu/~triangle/
Phone: (573) 364-8968

The roots of what eventually became the Missouri Mines Chapter of Triangle Fraternity pre-date the formation of Triangle Fraternity itself.  Founded in 1902 The Grubstakers’ Club was organized in 1902 through the efforts of one William A. Green who conceived the idea of managing an eating club.  During the school year 1921-22, several men withdrew from the club to join national fraternities. As this occurred the club began to take on the characteristics of a fraternity, entering into campus activities while developing a focus on scholarship.  After hearing about the organization’s existence Triangle Fraternity Founder Arthur Schwerin visited Rolla and found the Grubstakers’ Club to be an old established engineering fraternity composed of men who have successfully maintained it with good credit for several years.  Schwerin deemed these men were desirous of joining with a national organization.  In the winter of 1927 The Grubstakers’ Club installed as the Missouri Mines Chapter of Triangle Fraternity, Triangle’s thirteenth chapter.