Michigan Tech


Founded: 1984
Installed: April 16, 1988
Re-Installed: April 14, 2012

Website: https://www.involvement.mtu.edu/organization/triangle-fraternity/about

Since the 1960s Michigan Technological University had always been a university Triangle had wished to establish a presence at.  With its large engineering student population Triangle Fraternity believed a chapter at MTU would thrive.  However colonization at the university proved to be difficult due to its remoteness in the Upper Peninsula and lack of local alumni.  However, in 1984 the arrival of Triangle alumni in Houghton, MI along with a spark of interest from university students allowed Triangle to form a colony which would eventually charter as the Michigan Tech Chapter of Triangle Fraternity.  In the late 2000s the Michigan Tech chapter fell on hard times and the alumni determined the chapter needed a temporary hiatus.  Chapter operations were suspended in 2006.  However the MTU chapter wasn’t closed for long as just a few years later a colony was re-established eventually re-chartering as a prosperous chapter in Spring 2012.