Ohio State

Founded: January 18, 1907
Installed: February 2, 1911

186 East Northwood
Columbus, OH 43201 ‎

Website: http://www.osutriangle.com/

As the Illinois Chapter founded Triangle Fraternity in 1907, a few hundred miles east a group of students at Ohio State University had similar ambitions and goals.  In January of 1907 eight civil engineering students at OSU came together to form a club pri­marily for fellowship and to create an organization that would enable them to keep in touch with each other after they had gone into the world of engineering.  They called themselves the Transit Club.  In 1910 brothers of the Purdue Chapter of Triangle were introduced to members of the OSU Transit Club through mutual acquaintances and after learning about Triangle Fraternity the Transit Club filed a petition to become the Fraternity’s third chapter.  At the Second National Convention in 1911 the Transit Clubs petition was accepted and the group became known as the Ohio State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity.