Founded: March 1968Pittsburgh
Installed: April 4, 1970
Re-Installed: November 10, 2007

Email: pitt.triangle.president@gmail.com

On April 4, 1970 the University of Pittsburgh Chapter was installed only 25 months after the first organizational meeting.  Pittsburgh Academy was founded in 1787 and became U of Pittsburgh in 1908. It is the oldest institution at which Triangle has a chapter.  Triangle was welcomed to the campus as the university looked for ways to draw engineering students into the local IFC and other campus affairs. Penn State conducted the initiation ceremony taking in thirty Pitt Colony members and one honorary member.  The chapter prospered for many years until in mid-2000s when the organization fell on difficult times.  The chapter alumni, wanting only success for the Pitt chapter, requested Triangle National Council suspend chapter operations in order to reorganize the group.  In 2006 Triangle once again returned to the University of Pittsburgh in a re-colonization effort focused on recruiting men who could restore the Pitt chapter back to its glory days.  In November 2007 all the patience, hard work, and dedication paid off as the Pitt group was once again installed as a chapter of Triangle Fraternity.