2017-2018 National Council & TBHC Elections

National Council

Members of the Fraternity now have the opportunity to elect the President and Vice President for one-year terms, and three Councilmen to serve two-year terms. The nominating committee, chaired by Immediate Past President, Jeff Weikinger tol97, reviewed and interviewed eligible candidates and presented a slate to National Council that was approved.

Online voting closes June 23, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET. If you would like to request a paper ballot, click here to visit the “Paper Balloting” section.

Nominated for President | Brian Jarman pur01






Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Goals for Triangle
Be one Triangle Fraternity. We have begun to talk and act like one fraternity bound by our shared values. There is more to do. Relationship is the heart of the fraternal experience. We are challenged in building relationships with one another when we lack shared beliefs, actions, and experiences. We have begun the journey toward shared beliefs evidenced in shared action by setting objective expectations for our chapters via the Pyramid Chapter Accreditation program. These expectations are rooted in the Ritual and Code of Ethics. Success in the Pyramid is recognized and rewarded by National Awards and the Garatoni Building Better Men Chapter Endowment Award. We have begun testing the Journey program which provides educational and personal development over the entire active experience. The Journey provides a roadmap for common experiences of our actives that helps the chapter achieve success in the Pyramid. Finally, we are working as one set of national leaders of Triangle Building & Housing Corp. and Triangle Education Foundation to maximize support to our active and alumni members. Together, we will find new success and richness in our Triangle experience as we share that experience among all our brothers whether from our own chapter, other chapters, or alumni.

Nominated for Vice President | Joe Cerrato os05







Goals for Triangle
Develop a balanced scorecard for National to manage that provides an overall health of the organization. This would serve as a function of reporting progress towards our strategic goals as One Triangle to set up for our next strategic plan. Implement the next strategic plan in place by 2019 for 2025. I would be concerned about going out farther than that given our current needs to improve data and data quality as well as how much Fraternity life is continuing to change. Create a National calendar that helps govern our annual activities and requirements. A lot of this knowledge is tribal (i.e. not documented and shared regularly) or tracked. Having such a tool would ensure Council is meeting its obligations to our constituents in a timely and effective manner by driving agenda contents, sub-committee activities, and Council work-back plans. Establish alumni network goals. Recently, our National Councilman obligations and visits have been focused on Active chapter visits. While that is important, we have a strong opportunity to develop goals for each Councilman around alumni networking. Councilmen should have goals towards alumni development against our strategic plan to grow our alumni network.


Nominated for Councilman | Merle Newlon lou73







Goals for Triangle
Strengthening weak chapters, continuous improvement of member education and development, and keeping the Triangle REVIEW relevant for membership.


Nominated for Councilman | Pete Satre os89

Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

Goals for Triangle
Continue the chapter expansions which has occurred, as well as the high quality of undergrads that Triangle attracts and the development of these men academically, professionally, and socially. Strive to maintain the positive momentum of the Fraternity as well as bringing a fresh perspective to the National organization and national and regional events.


Nominated for Councilman | Brad Keller neb69


Goals for Triangle
Support the expansion of Triangle getting to 45 chapters by 2020 while keeping costs under control. Update the history book and make it more available to brothers.

Paper Balloting

If you’d like to vote via a paper ballot, please email rhonda@triangle.org to request one or download and print the PDF below. Please include the address to where you’d like the ballot mailed. Paper ballots must be received at the National Headquarters in the following manner by June 23, 2017.

Triangle Fraternity Headquarters
120 S. Center Street
Plainfield, IN 46168

(317) 837-9642



Download the 2017-2018 National Council Ballot



Members of the Fraternity have the opportunity to elect a Director for the Triangle Building & Housing Corporation. Director terms last for five years. This year the elected Director would begin his term July 1, 2017. The five year term would conclude June 30, 2022.

Nominated Director: Shawn Diedtrich minn90

Shawn Diedtrich has served for five years as a Trustee of the Building Loan Fund and a co-founding Director of the Triangle Building and Housing Corporation. He has been a Field Consultant and served as a Councilman for Triangle Fraternity. Initiated at University of Minnesota, he served in various undergraduate chapter positions, including President twice. He was served as Minnesota’s Alumni Board President responsible for three undergraduate chapter houses. He wants to continue serving the new TBHC organization by assisting to expand its house management services and chapter property holdings, where appropriate.

Shawn Diedtrich is an attorney and owns his own law firm, Prudens Law, focusing on intellectual property counseling, patent portfolio monetization, trademark and copyright prosecution, licensing, and litigation strategy.  His experience spans the financial services, software, telecommunications, chemical, education, health and publishing industries.

He served as General Counsel to LPL Licensing, where he concentrated on portfolio development and monetization, licensing and litigation strategy.  From 2005-2007, he was an associate at Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. concentrating on intellectual property protection strategies, patent prosecution, and litigation support.  Shawn also has extensive experience in trademark and domain name management for large corporations.

Shawn received a J.D. and LL.M. of Intellectual Property from the University of New Hampshire Law School (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center) in 2004.  He received an M.B.A and a B.S in 1995 and 1999, respectively, from the University of Minnesota.  From 1995-2001, he worked as a web programmer, and later a senior manager and strategic management consultant for Fortune 500 financial service institutions.  He is licensed to practice in Arizona and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.