Convention Overview

The Biennial National Convention offers a unique opportunity for Triangle’s of all ages from many parts of the country to meet in the true spirit of brotherhood. Since 1909, the National Convention has held all supreme and legislative powers of the Fraternity. National Convention has six main responsibilities and objectives. They include:

1.  Installing National Council
2.  Enacting legislations for the regulation of the Fraternity
3.  Providing education for active and alumni members
4.  Offering opportunities for socializing and networking among brothers
5.  Honoring chapters and members
6.  Inducting the 2016 & 2017 classes of the Wall of Fame

One of the more important decisions a chapter makes is the selection of its delegate to the National Convention, because all formal action taken at the National Convention is the result of democratic voting, and it is typical for chapter delegates to constitute 65 to 75 percent of the total vote. Those with voting privileges at the National Convention include:

1.  Active chapter delegates (2 per chapter)
2.  Active chapter alumni delegate
3.  Alumni association delegate
4.  Members of the National Council