Graphics Library

The logos and images of the Triangle serve as a visual representation of what we stand for as a Fraternity.  All Fraternity members are authorized to use the logos developed and trademarked by Triangle Fraternity for use in external publications.  Remember our images reflect our fraternity’s values and mission so please use them in accordance with guidelines set forth in the Triangle Constitution and Bylaws and the values set for in the Code of Ethics.

Any questions regarding the use of Triangle Fraternity graphics and images should be directed to the fraternity’s Director of Communications and Brand Standards. Please call Triangle Fraternity HQ at (317) 837-9640.


Brand Standards Guide

The Triangle Fraternity brand standards guide ensures that the all Triangle Fraternity Chapters and Colonies are represented in a consistent manner. This guide defines our primary brand, co-brands and sub-brands, and provides an outline of acceptable and unacceptable uses for each. Click the file below to download the Brand Standards Guide.




Click the link for versions of each logo, wordmark, or insignia. All graphic images can be downloaded in three file formats: .ai, .jpeg, and .png.

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