Coat of Arms

Coat_of_ArmsThe Coat or Arms is an ancient device which has been employed as a mark of identification. After Triangle Fraternity was founded, the organization adopted a Coat of Arms to graphically symbolize its values.

The upper portion of the Coat of Arms consists of a rising sun beneath a Triangle T, or Crest. Beneath is an esquire helmet in profile. At the center of the Coat of Arms is the Fraternity’s shield and a ribbon containing the organization’s motto “Veritas Omnia Vincit.” Surrounding the shield is a mantling.



As the Coat of Arms represents the history and values of Triangle Fraternity it should be used in circumstances that advance the mission and purpose of the organization. Members of the organization are asked to remain vigilant of its use but also celebrate its purpose.

The Coat of Arms may only be worn by an initiated member. Digital and printed reproduction of the Coat of Arms shall confirm to the standards set forth on Page 55 of the Brand Standards Guide under “Insigna Usage” and as defined in Triangle Fraternity’s Bylaws (Article 5, Section 11). Digital and printed reproductions may be handled by both non-members and members.







For reasons outlined in Triangle Fraternity’s Ritual, the Coat of Arms contains a wide use of colors. Below are the colors used to illustrate the Coat of Arms. These colors are the closest digitized and printed approximation to the official Coat of Arms on file at Triangle Fraternity National Headquarters.