Triangle Globe Logo

Logo_Square_FullTriangle Fraternity’s Globe Logo branding campaign was established in 2011. The Globe Logo serves to acknowledge Triangle’s past while, at the same time, visually symbolizes the Fraternity’s future vision. The Triangle T on the globe is a graphical reference to the greater good Triangle Brothers bring to their chapters, communities and the world.

Herb Scobie minn32 Triangle Fraternity’s first full time Executive Director famously said, “In order to have a better world, we must first have a world of better men.” While Scobie originally made this statement decades ago, today his words continue to encourage every Triangle Brother to better himself and create a better environment for those around him.



The Triangle Globe Logo consists of a globe with the Triangle T placed upon. “triangle” and “fraternity” flank the left and right sides of the globe respectively. Beneath the globe, centered, appear the three fields of study of the Fraternity with Herb Scobie’s minn32 quote immediately below. An alternative version, to be used in situations where limited horizontal space is available, places the global atop a stacked “triangle” and “fraternity” with the fields of studies and Herb Scobie’s quote immediately below.

The words “triangle” and “fraternity” are to spelled in all lower case with “triangle” colored in Old Rose and “fraternity” colored in the Fraternity’s official gray. Both “Engineers | Architects | Scientists” and Scobie’s quote must always appear in full and cannot be edited in any way.

The Globe Logo is the current marketing brand of Triangle Fraternity. The globe logo may be used in all day-to-day, semi-formal, and formal Fraternity activities.




Full Globe Logo- Horizontal




Globe Logo without Herb Scobie minn32 Quote – Horizontal




Full Globe Logo- Vertical




Globe Logo without Herb Scobie minn32 Quote – Vertical