Triangle T

Delta TThe Triangle T, also referred to as the Delta T, is the most commonly used symbol of Triangle Fraternity. Where other Greek organizations might use Greek letters or proper names, Triangle Fraternity uses the Triangle T. This emblem shall consist of an equilateral triangle with an upper case Roman “T” enclosed in it. The design shall conform in proportions to the “Triangle symbol” which constitutes part of the Coat of Arms.



The Triangle T should be the most commonly used symbol of the Triangle Fraternity. In order to enhance the meaning of the Triangle T, it should almost always be accompanied by the name of organization, “TRIANGLE FRATERNITY” spelled out. The use of the Triangle T is most effective when used for recruitment, campus wide Greek activities and interactions with non-Greek organizations. There are no formal restrictions on who can wear the Triangle T, but chapters and members are advised to remember that the actions of anyone wearing the symbol will be reflective and respresentative of Triangle Fraternity.



Delta T