Herbert F. Scobie Leadership School


Event Overview

Herbert F. Scobie Leadership School, the centerpiece of Triangle’s educational programs, is a three-day summer institute held in even-numbered years at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. Programming is geared towards Triangle’s emerging leaders and provides them with introductory leadership skills that they can build upon and refine through their chapter and campus experiences.  All active members are welcome to attend.  Each chapter is automatically billed for 2 actives and colonies 1 active, but more are welcome to attend.  Costs includes registration, meals, and lodging.

Herbert Scobie Leadership School is also open to Triangle Alumni who wish to attend the Alumni Education Program.  The alumni program allows Triangle alums to serve as mentors to undergraduate attendees and host discussions on alumni based topics.


Educational Tracks


The Herbert Scobie Leadership School offers curriculum covering a wide variety of topics aimed improving the many skills of Triangle’s undergraduate men.  Topics include:

  • Personal leadership style
  • Team building and group dynamic
  • Values in action
  • Triangle values
  • Servant leadership
  • Action planning


One of the key components to the HSLS experience is the opportunity for active members to work closely with several alumni to create their Transit action plan that will assist them when they get back to campus.

HSLS consultants must be an alumni member of Triangle and can be any age. Interested individuals must be friendly, knowledgeable, and resourceful and have the ability to challenge active members thinking.

Consultants are required to attend the Wednesday before HSLS for a 3-hour training. Individuals should be able to offer a balance of challenge and support to active members, while providing them with personal experiences and advice that will help them be successful.

Consultants are required to do the following:

  • Listen to the plan. The first step for the participants is to be able to describe for you what they plan to change. They must be able to communicate their vision if they are ever expecting to lead others. It is critical that their plan and goals are tangible.
  • Ask clarifying questions. When the participant has concluded sharing their plan, it is important that you ask questions which expand the plan and provide clarification.
  • Provide feedback. It is important that you point out the strengths and the limitations of their proposal. If you see that there are gaps or areas of improvement, offer your feedback. If the plans are bold, make sure you prepare them for potential set-backs and suggest potential resources. If the plan is too broad or even limited, suggest ways to expand.
  • Offer support. Give members encouragement and motivation as they move forward. Celebrate their ideas and remind them about the small wins.

Consultants are provided with free registration, meals and on-site lodging while at HSLS but are responsible for their travel.

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