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With a rich history and diverse array of educational programming, there is a lot to learn about Triangle Fraternity.  Click below to see some “Fast Facts” that highlight our fraternity’s achievements and programs.

Triangle Fraternity Fast Facts


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Triangle Fraternity undertakes yearly expansion efforts in order to continue the Fraternity’s growth and expansion to a diverse variety of universities across the country. Many of Triangle’s expansion efforts have begun with a dedicated group of student leaders interested in bringing Triangle to their campus.

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Throughout Triangle Fraternity’s 100+ years of existence our members consistently work to achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives. Triangle alumni have become CEOs and founders of many well-known corporations and are leaders in medicine, education, research, civil service, government and the military.

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Triangle encourages its members to ask, “What do we get for our money?” While many benefits of fraternity membership can’t be measured by price, fees are collected in order to subsidize national events and resources, undergraduate chapter support, expansion efforts, alumni services, and much more.  It’s only a small percentage of the overall price of your education, but the benefits provide a value far beyond the costs.

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Triangle Fraternity is committed to the health and safety of its membership and the college community. Visit the Health and Safety page to view Triangle’s Risk Management resources, involvement in the Fraternity Health & Safety Initiative, links to James R. Favor & Co. resources, and more.

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Since 1911 the Triangle Review has served as the fraternity’s official magazine. To view all issues click here.


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