Distinguished Alumni


Did you know that a Triangle Brother . . .

Was a Space Shuttle crew member:

Ellison Onizuka colo69 flew on Discovery as a mission specialist in January 1985 and lost his life in the Challenger accident in January 1986. The United States Air Force’s Onizuka Air Station was located in Sunnyvale, CA. (The station is now closed). An episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation mentions a (fictional) shuttlecraft named after Brother Onizuka.

Won a medal in the Olympic Games:

Frank R. McCabe marq50 was a member of the U.S. Olympic basketball squad which won the gold medal in 1952.

Was the first person to communicate by telephone via satellite:

Fred R. Kappel minn23 was the first speaker by Telstar, in phone conversation with President Johnson.

Served as two-term governor of Wyoming:

Jim Geringer ks64 served as governor of Wyoming from 1995 to 2003.

Served as two-term governor of Alaska:

Jay Hammond ps41 served as Governor of Alaska from 1975 to 1983.

Was Chairman, President, and CEO of Shell Oil Company:

Steven L. Miller ill64 held these positions from 1999 to 2002. He began his career with Shell in 1967.

Ran a leading manufacturer of computer hardware in the United States:

Edward McCracken is64 was president and CEO of Silicon Graphics, whose graphics computers are used for everything from animation in Star Wars to car modeling at GM.

Served as Chairman of the Board of AT&T

Fred R. Kappel minn23 held this position from 1962 to 1969.

Co-founded one of the leading computer game companies in the United States:

Michael Morhaime ucla85 is co-founder and President of Blizzard Entertainment, maker of the popular Warcraft and Diablo computer games.

Wrote for Encyclopedia Britannica:

Robert S. Mayo ar24 wrote much of the entry for tunneling in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Stood on the South Pole:

Forrest L. Dowling wis60 was one of 11 Americans who reached the South Pole overland in January 1961.

Discovered an ancient Inca city:

Reinaldo Chohfi ucla85asc has been credited with the discovery of Maranpampa, a large Inca city in Peru.

Was given the first Distinguished Service Medal awarded in Korea:

Robert B. Martin pur24 was awarded the decoration in 1951.

Watched the test of the first Atomic Bomb:

Richard Conklin ill44 and several other Triangles worked on the Manhattan Project and witnessed the test of the first atom bomb.

Served as president of two steel companies:

Tom Graham lou45 has served as president of USX and of Armco Steel in Ohio. He has also served as chairman of the board of AK Steel.

More Notable Triangle Alumni

Jim Ashbrook ill63 Former Chairman, President & CEO, Prism Solutions, Inc.
Charles H. Bowman ps56 Former Chairman & CEO, BP America, Inc.
James A. McShane marq65 CEO of The McShane Companies
Loyal M. Peterman cin62 President & CEO, Abrasive Technology
John Wakerly marq69 Vice President & CTO, Cisco Systems
Eugene Cummings nu58 President, AUTOMark Technical Systems, LLC
Lynn J. Davis is65 President & COO, August Technology
Stanton R. Cook nu48 Former Chairman, President & CEO, Tribune Company
Ed Wedbush cin50 President & CEO, Wedbush Morgan Securities
James C. Anderson pur69 General Partner, Foundation Capital
Donald W. Hamer ill43 Founder & Chairman, State of the Art, Inc.
Major General Earnest Robbins ky65 USAF ret, Senior VP, Parsons Corporation
Herman Schneider cinn22hon Pioneer Implementer of the Cooperative Education Concept
Richard Rezek pur78 Partner, Barnes & Thornburg Law Firm
Richard C. Messinger cin51 VP & CTO, Cincinnati Milacron
Michael O’Connor marq74 President, AFG Construction Management, Inc.
Gerald Jakubowski tol74 Provost & VP Academic Affairs, California Maritime Academy
Peter S. Strange cin68 President, Messer Construction Company