National Council Active Councilman

Applications are now being accepted for the position of 2017-18 Active Advisor. This position will be held by an active member of Triangle who will advise National Council and help represent the active membership at the highest level of the Fraternity.

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 Active Councilman Duties

The Active Councilman is charged with improving and maintaining communications between National Council and the Active Organizations, in addition to other duties that may be assigned by National Council.

He also serves as chairman of the Collegiate Affairs Committee, whose mission is to monitor the pulse of the active organizations and determine new or growing trends on college campuses.

The Active Councilman will attend all Council meetings and conference calls and participate in e-mail discussions, though he will not have an official vote. Reimbursement will be provided for reasonable travel and housing costs.

The term of office begins at National Convention in July and extends until the 2018 Scobie Leadership School. No chapter may be represented by the Active Councilman position for more than two years in a row.


Requirements for Selection

  • 2.7 cumulative GPA or higher
  • Must have been a member (active or pledge) for one year prior to taking office, and must be an active in good standing for the full academic year while serving. (In other words, it’s okay if you graduate in May or June of your term, but graduation does not relieve you of your duties)



To apply for the position of Active Advisor, please send a document (Microsoft Word or .PDF preferred) with your name, contact information, and answers to the following questions to National Secretary Stuart Masuda (

  1. Why do you wish to serve as Active Advisor?
  2. What do you think the role of the Advisor should be?
  3. What do you think the role of National Council should be?
  4. What leadership positions have you previously held?  What did you accomplish in those positions?
  5. What would you do to keep in contact with actives from other chapters during your term?
  6. What other demands on your time (school, work, chapter) do you expect to have next year?
  7. What is your cumulative GPA?
  8. Are there any conflicts to your attending the National Convention July 18-23?

Applications must also be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from either the current active or alumni president of your chapter. In order to ensure consideration, applications must be received by May 20, 2017.  Selection will take place at the end of May, and the 2017-18 Active Advisor will be announced in early June.

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If you have any questions about the Active Advisor position or selection process, contact National Secretary Stuart Masuda ( or the current Active Advisor, James Coller (