Building Better Men CEF Program

Program Overview

In order to truly live the mission “In order to have a better world, we must first have a world of better men,” The Triangle

Education Foundation with the generous support of Judy and Larry Garatoni pur58 believe that individual chapters will be most successful if they fulfill the Building Better Men Program which supports the values and principles upon which Triangle was founded.

To ensure that Triangle’s chapters and colonies compliment the mission of the National organization, develop leadership and character in its members, provide service to the community, foster lifelong friendships, and provide a safe and healthy experience, a set of standards have been developed. The fundamental purpose of the Building Better Men Program is to encourage chapters and colonies to return to their founding values, which are crucial to the rich development of fraternity men.

Application & Evaluation Process

For the 2016-2017 year the Building Better Men Program is now an extension of the newly developed Pyramid Accreditation program. Chapter’s and colonies who fall in the Blue tier (76-100% of accreditation points) will be encouraged to submit their application for the Building Better Men Program.

The Building Better Men Program will include a number of criteria that was submitted or assessed in the Pyramid plus additional information.  All of the scored criteria is listed in the attached document below. Additionally, there will be criteria that requires additional information and documents, which is also listed.


Shown by a commitment to academic success though high academic standards and consistent improvement.


Shown by high involvement in both on and off campus organizations.


Shown through a commitment to marketing the strengths and benefits of Triangle to ensure chapter growth and retention.


Shown through a commitment to philanthropy and service to the National Organization or campus/community in an effort to alleviate critical issues in society.


Exhibited by the behavior of active and new members through the education and support around current issues and trends facing fraternity members and college students.

Each standard will be given points which add up to a total of 70 points. Points are awarded based on the information provided in each standard.

Chapters and colonies are encouraged to work on their submission throughout the entire academic year.  Final submissions are due June 1. For details on program guidelines and criteria please refer to the document below.

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16-17 Building Better Men Program