Program Overview

Triangle is excited to offer several E-learning opportunities starting in the 2016 academic year.

If you’re new to Triangle, getting started in a leadership position, or even if you just need a refresher, Triangle’s e-learning modules and webinars have you covered.  Programs will cover helpful topics for chapter management and real-life professional settings.  Additionally, a number of personal development and skill building workshops will be available that focus on topics including conflict resolution, effective study skills, stress management, effective confrontation, delegating, and many more.

The videos, presentations, and resources will deepen your understanding, sharpen your skills, and enable you to be a more engaged member and more effective leader in Triangle, as well as prepare you for professional opportunities in your current or future career.

Also important to note: by attending e-learning programs you are completing requirements that are part of the Pyramid.

Programs must have at least 5 registered and attending participants.  To register for an
E-Webinar click the links below.

Program Schedule

If you have any requests or ideas please submit them to the Director of Education & Communication, Ariel Tarosky at ariel@triangle.org.

Pyramid Reminder