New Member Education


Redefining the New Member Experience

Triangle has created a number of resources to assist our chapters and colonies in developing a New Member Education program based on treating each other with dignity and respect. Grounded in the values of our Ritual and the Code of Ethics, the suggested program provides an 8-10 week foundation to develop and shape new members, directly connected to The Blueprint new member manual.

The Purpose of New Member Education

The new member education period is just the starting point of your Triangle experience. It is a fun and exciting time where you will get to learn all about Triangle, meet new people, and discover who you want to become not only as a member but as a son, brother, student, and friend.

Think of the new member education process as your orientation; it is your introduction into Triangle.

The purpose of the new member education period is to:

  • Help individuals become familiar with the history, facts, and principles of Triangle. While this may not be the most important thing you learn during your new member period, understanding how Triangle came to be is a necessary foundation for your membership.
  • Introduce members to what the fraternity experience will look like. The new member process should be a combination of learning information and engaging in the normal day-to-day activities of fraternity business.

What to Expect

Chapters that are interested in implementing the National New Member Education program, or pieces of it will be able to download “Activity Guides”, and “Session Syllabi” from the TriangleConnect resource library.  The activity guides will serve as a facilitator guide for the New Member Educator providing them with objectives to cover week-by-week, sample activities, and suggested assignments that correspond with The Blueprint. 

Chapters may choose to use the National program as is or substitute activities and assignments.  Any new activity that a chapter wishes to use must be submitted via the Activity Substitution Form which can be found on TriangleConnect.

Chapters and colonies will be encouraged to start reviewing the National New Member Education program in fall 2016 and fully transition to using the model in 2017. Chapters should continue to use the current version of the Member Manual which can be ordered from the National Office.  Copies of The Blueprint will be available as a PDF on TriangleConnect this fall and will be available in hard copy in the spring.

Training’s will be offered throughout the fall semester, at Leadership Training Weekend in January and on as-requested basis.

How the National New Member Education Program Will Help

There are several objectives of a healthy and successful new member education process, some of which include:

  • Assist in the development of participants;
  • Aid in the college transition;
  • Familiarize participants with the local chapter, National organization, Greek community, and University at large;
  • Instill an understanding and appreciation of Triangle through education and role modeling;
  • Acquaint participants with one another and the brotherhood at large;
  • Provide education around chapter expectations and operations.

A successful new member education process takes a village. It is imperative that each new member, active member, and advisor is committed to meeting these objectives and fulfilling the greater purpose. If these things happen new members will enter into initiation prepared, excited, appreciative, and committed to the values of the organization.

If you are interested in incorporating any of our current new member education resources our have requests for new an additional resources, please contact Ariel Tarosky, Director of Education & Communication at

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