The Journey


Program Overview

JOURNEY. A passage or progress from one stage to another. This idea will guide the members of Triangle Fraternity throughout their membership experience with each stage providing an opportunity for members to learn, develop and grow both as a Triangle man and as an individual.

A Triangle’s Journey will be broken into four stages. The first three stages of the Journey should be traveled by Triangle undergraduate members. While a Triangle’s Journey is never complete, the goal is that as members prepare to progress to the fourth stage that they will have achieved personal development and fulfillment.

In each stage of a member’s Journey they will be able to self-select activities that expose them to new ideas, prepare them with important life lessons, and challenge them to put the lessons into practice. As members meet a threshold, they will progress to a new stage in their Journey which will provide them with more challenging and rewarding experiences routed in the values and Ritual of Triangle Fraternity. The completion of each stage of a member’s Journey will be celebrated, and members will be able to use the skills and knowledge to help them as they progress to the next stage. Upon completion of the first three stages of a members Journey individuals will have achieved a full member development, will have embodied the values of Triangle, and will personify the motto of Triangle, Truth Conquers All.

With most personal Journey’s there may not be a determined end; this too is true for the Triangle member experience. As individual graduate and transition to alumnus status they may choose to continue their developmental Journey by progressing to stage four. Stage four of a Triangle member’s Journey will continue to focus on the development of the Triangle man while providing the support and resources appropriate for an individual’s place in life- both professionally and personally.

Program Philosophy

The following statements capture Triangle’s educational philosophy, which provides a basis for the Journey.

  • Individuals learn and grow through personal reflection and real-world application of concepts.
  • The best trajectory for development involves a series of progressively more challenging experiences.
  • Every member follows a unique path in their ongoing development.
  • Personal development depends on the individual’s readiness and sense of initiative, but brothers should provide a strong source of encouragement, learning, and support.
  • Mentorship will assist individuals in their application and reflection of each activity and stage.
  • The full membership experience will be rooted in the core values and Ritual of Triangle Fraternity so that each member will have the opportunity to apply and reflect on what it means to be a Triangle man.
  • The Journey is voluntary; however, in an effort to provide members with a well-rounded and meaningful fraternal experience, chapters are encourage to participate.

How Can My Chapter/Colony Participate?

Each newly established Triangle colony will automatically participate in the Journey. Established colonies and chapters may submit an interest form to the Director of Leadership Programs which will include their reason for interest, estimated number of participants and a financial plan which will highlight how the program will be funded.

Every semester the staff will on-board one chapter and one colony.

It is recommended that only chapters with an established Chapter Endowment Fund participate in the Journey; however, those chapters & colonies without a Chapter Endowment Fund may apply to participate in the Journey if they provide a financial plan.

The following costs are yearly estimates and will be specific to each chapter depending on membership size.

  • National Training & Support:  $1,500.00
  • Chapter Lapel Pins:  $200.00
  • Total: $1,700.00

For more details on the Journey, it’s activities, requirements, and getting started please refer to the document below.  All forms, resources, and activity submissions will be housed on TriangleConnect.

For any questions, please contact Ariel, Director of Education & Communication at


            The Journey

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