Triangle Review | Submission Process

We highly encourage you to submit stories and pictures which positively portray Triangle members, organizations, or associations. Remember, Triangle Review is primarily a submission based magazine – most of our materials come from Triangle members. We accept a variety of submissions, ranging from alumni and chapter updates to descriptions of events and highlights of successes (both individual and chapter award winners).



There are several different ways to submit an article to published in the Triangle Review.  Articles will be accepted in the following manors:

  • By mail. Either send a hard copy of the stories and pictures or a disk with the article on it (remember to let us know which word processing software was used). Mail the submission to the National Headquarters, Attn: Triangle Review Editor.
  • Attached to an e-mail message. Send the file(s), along with a brief description, to Triangle Review Editor, H. Andrew Goss (
  • By fax. Send fax submissions to (317) 837-9642. Be sure to mark them Attn: Triangle Review Editor.


Picture submissions are also strongly encouraged. We will try to work in as many pictures as possible each issue. We will not publish a picture if it is of poor photographic quality (i.e. blurry or otherwise unusable), if it has inappropriate material that cannot be cropped, or if there is not available space. We will not use pictures where alcohol is clearly visible (e.g., members with bottles or cans in their hands or members next to a keg). Pictures of brothers “doing stuff,” such as working at a philanthropy, are preferred over pictures of people lining up and posing.

Digital photos are preferred using the following specifications:

  1. Photos must be at least 6 megapixels or greater
  2. 300 DPI (Dots per inch) or higher

We accept both color and black and white photographs. We do not accept photocopies, newspaper or magazine reproduced photographs, or inkjet, laser printed photographs, or photographs which have been written on with ballpoint pen . Be certain to firmly attach a note to the back of each picture (no paperclips or staples, please) with the following legibly written:

  1. Who or what is the subject of the picture (please list people by name from left to right if five or fewer brothers are pictured).
  2. What chapter(s) they are from.
  3. When the picture was taken.

For both pictures and articles, please remember to include your name, chapter, and how you can be contacted if we have questions.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Editor Goss at