Dr. Paul A. Flaherty

Inventor/Developer  |  Alta Vista search engine

Flaherty, Paul

BS Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, Marquette University; MS Electrical Engineering, Stanford University; PhD Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Initiated Triangle
Marquette Chapter, 1984

Wife – Natasha

Flaherty spent most of his career working for major technology companies including Digital Equipment Corp., Compaq Computer and Accenture.

Alta Vista, one of the early programs that allowed users to search the Internet, was created in 1995 while he was working for DEC. His wife, Natasha Flaherty, said he wanted to demonstrate the power of DEC business computers. In the late 1990s, Alta Vista was among the top search engines on the World Wide Web, although it was eventually overtaken by Yahoo and Google.

Flaherty also worked as a corporate strategist and management consultant for firms such as Zindigo and Accenture.