Frederick R. Kappel

Former Chairman, American Telephone and Telegraph CompanyKappel, Frederick

BSE, University of Minnesota, 1924. Honorary Degree of Laws from twelve universities and Honorary Doctor of Engineering from two universities

Initiated Triangle
Minnesota Chapter, 1923

Career Highlights
Chairman of the Board of Directors at American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1961-1967; President of AT&T, 1956-1961; President of Western Electric, 1954-1956

Selected Honors
Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1967; “Forbes Fifty Foremost” Business Leaders Citation, 1957

Interesting Facts
Mr. Kappel was the first person to communicate by telephone via satellite, Telstar, in a phone conversation with Vice President Johnson. Johnson later named Mr. Kappel as chairman of a number of Presidential Commissions, including the Commission on Postal Organization. Under President Nixon, he served as governor of the U.S. Postal Service and from 1972 to 1974, its chairman.