Michael M. Selzer Jr.

Selzer, MichaelPresident & CEO | Optobionics Corporation

Initiated Triangle
South Dakota Mines Chapter, 1971

Mike is an experienced senior executive, CEO and board member with an impressive track record increasing revenues and margins in both large and small, medical technology companies. He is currently the President, CEO and board member of Optobionics Corporation, an early stage medical technology company, located in Naperville IL. and Palo Alto, CA. Optobionics is developing treatments for patients who have debilitating blindness due to retina dysfunction using some very innovative silicon chip technology. He is known for leading companies to improving operating performance and for creating value through a combination of customer relationships, strategic partnerships and acquisitions, new product development, gross margin improvement, strategic market development and sales growth.

Mike has extensive experience in creating new medical device products, managing complicated technologies, obtaining regulatory approvals, developing new markets across a wide spectrum of medical specialties. He has solid experience in building teams and top-flight managements, as well as establishing sound corporate governance policies and managing stakeholder relations. He is a member of the Board of Directors in both public and private technology companies.